On May 17th, friends and supporters of the Montclair Scholarship Fund honored past MSF President, C.Y. Treene, and former Trustees, Carol Brown and Carolyn Burton for their tremendous contributions to MSF over the last forty years. MSF’s ” Evening of Appreciation” was a smashing success raising funds for college scholarships for Montclair High School graduating seniors with financial need.  Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Gala Committee and the incredible generosity of the event sponsors, donors and attendees, this wonderful celebration of these amazing women resulted in a 60% increase in scholarship monies awarded to Montclair High School graduating seniors heading off to college in 2014 from the previous year.


Rose Cali | Susann & Jim Connors | Counseling Loss, LLC - Vincent Dopulos

Susan & Thomas Dunn | Fishes & Loaves Foundation

Izumi Hara & David Koschick | Tracy Higgins & Jim Leitner | James E. Johnson

Leslie Larson & Donald Katz | Janice & Mark Linaugh

Kathleen & Sylvester McClearn | Lynn & Sengal Selassie | Patty & Jon Strain  Claire Walls & Banks Tarver | Judy & Josh Weston | Mimi & Steve Wrede


Gala Co-Chairs: Susann Connors | Kathleen McClearn | Maggie Schiffenhaus Gala Committee | Sharon Burton Turner | Kim Colville

Sarah Stibbe Damaskos | Kelly Ferguson | Ki Keys | Janice Linaugh

Celia Radek | Barbara Rechan | Theresa Sanford | Karen Wagner | Mimi Wrede

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