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100% of your donation will go toward MHS student college scholarships


Chapman University, Film Production

Were you financially prepared for college?

Somewhat. The scholarships definitely helped and so did financial aid, yet I still had to take the maximum government loans that I was offered.

If you could not have afforded college, what other options did you have?

I probably would have worked part time and tried to get jobs on film sets in NYC while teaching myself about film.

In addition to the MSF scholarship, what other types of financial aid or

support did you use?

I received two other Montclair-based scholarships as well as a merit grant from Chapman, a need-based grant from Chapman, and government financial aid.

Once you complete your studies, what is your plan for the future?

I plan to travel for a few weeks after graduation and then move to LA and get a job in the industry. My end goal is to direct dramas and thrillers but I would love to start out working on set as a PA (production assistant) for production or the art department.

What would you say to current Montclair High School seniors who are seeking financial aid?

Apply to tons of scholarships!!!! Don't be discouraged by lengthy applications because chances are you are one of few people applying to the scholarship. Also I recommend getting a part time job or working on campus as soon as you get settled in school. You're going to want some spending money!

What do you remember best about being at MHS and living in Montclair?

I remember having a great time in choir with Mr. Ennis and loving SVPA. I also remember loving my job at Aunt Jean’s Toys and Treats (now closed), I was constantly surrounded by love and support.

If MSF could improve one thing, what would that be? How would you

do that?

I think it is working well as is, don't fix something that isn't broken :)

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