After Applying for MSF Award

When will I know if I am selected to receive an award?

If you have been selected for a MSF award, the Montclair High School principal’s office will invite you to attend the MHS Awards Night. At the ceremony you will learn the name and amount of the scholarship that you have been awarded! The awards ceremony is typically held the 1st week of June.

Will I be notified if I do NOT receive an award?

Unfortunately, only students who are receiving an award will be contacted.

If I am selected for a scholarship, when are funds disbursed?

Scholarship awards are contingent upon verification of full-time enrollment at the start of your fall college term. If your school/university does not fill out third party verifications (MSF-supplied verification form), you can request an official document from your school’s registrar office. You may scan your enrollment verification form and email it to, fax it to (973) 509-9005, Attn: MSF Treasurer, or mail it to MSF Treasurer, c/o 223 Lorraine Ave, Montclair, NJ 07043.

Are scholarships renewable?

At the MHS Awards Night ceremony, you will receive a letter that will specify if your scholarship is single-year (one time) or multi-year.

How are scholarships disbursed?

MSF forwards payments of scholarships of $600 or more directly to the student’s college/university. Awards in amounts less than $600 are paid directly to the student with the written understanding that the funds may only be used for permitted college expenses.