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For every $1,000 in tuition increase, enrollment among low income students drops 5 percent."

The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

The New York Times, March 24, 2017

Montclair Scholarship Fund, Inc. (MSF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, awards scholarships to college-bound Montclair High School seniors with financial need.

Established in 1957 by the Montclair Board of Education to receive and administer private gifts to the public school system, MSF also administers several longstanding scholarships that are awarded by Montclair High School faculty and others.


MSF has no staff but is instead run by a volunteer board of trustees and three ex officio members of the Montclair Public School System: the President of the Board of Education, the Principal of Montclair High School, and the Superintendent of the Montclair Public Schools.

  • How do I apply?
    Complete an online application and submit a copy of your FAFSA Student Aid Report. Access the application on the Montclair High School Guidance website scholarship page.
  • When can I apply? Can I apply after the deadline?
    The application is available online in February and March, and you may apply anytime until the deadline. Once the deadline has passed, the application is closed.
  • Do I need to apply for a particular scholarship?
    No. Complete the common MSF online application and you will be considered for all MSF awards.
  • Do I need to complete and file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit my FAFSA / Student Aid Report (SAR) to MSF to be eligible for a scholarship?
  • Is there a fee to apply for a MSF scholarship?
    No fee is required.
  • Does MSF accept paper applications?
    No. Applications must be submitted by using the online application. Computers are available in the Montclair High School Resource Center and the Montclair Public Library (with library card).
  • When and how do I deliver my FAFSA/SAR report to MSF?
    Instructions for uploading a PDF copy of your FAFSA/SAR are included in the online application. Separately, the Guidance Department will provide your transcript and guidance recommendation to MSF.
  • How do I deliver my school's Financial Aid Award letter to MSF?
    MSF will notify those students who will be considered for a scholarship. The email notice will have instructions for uploading your Financial Aid Award letter.
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