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Emory University

Business Administration and Spanish

​​​​Were you financially prepared for college?

I thought I was financially prepared for college before I started, but in reality I was not. There are so many expenses besides tuition, that nobody really mentions such as textbooks, food, going out with friends, and many other  things. All of these things hit you at once and it becomes very important to make smart choices with the money you have to make sure you can take care of everything you need.

When you applied to MSF, did you already  know what college you were

planning  to attend?


How did MSF help you prepare for college?

MSF helped  prepared me for college through helping alleviate some of the financial burden of college. Being able to go into college with less concerns about money and costs has been a great  benefit and has helped me excel at school. I am incredibly thankful for the Bobby Hurt Memorial Scholarship, not only because it has helped me financially, but also because of what it means to me. During my freshman year at Montclair High School I played for Coach Hurt on the JV basketball team, during his final year at Montclair High School. Being the first student to receive this scholarship was such an honor, because it allowed  me to continue his legacy. Coach Hurt taught the importance of hard work, respect, and sacrifice, while embodying these characteristics himself. Being able to further my education in his name is truly special to me and I am thankful to both MSF and Bobby Hurt for helping succeed and get to where I am today.

Did you know anything  about MSF before you applied  for a


I knew about MSF, but I didn't know how many scholarships they had available and how many people they could help. Upon applying and learning more, I was amazed at the number of scholarships they offered and the amount of help they provide to the Montclair  community.

Did finances affect your choice of school or major?

Finances did play a role in choosing my school. Some  schools I applied  to did not offer me a very good financial aid package, furthering the burden that would be placed on my family.

If you could not have afforded college, what other options did you


If I couldn't have afforded the school I chose, I most likely would have had to choose to attend a school that was either in state or could have offered me a better financial aid package.

In addition to the MSF scholarship, what other types of financial aid or

support did you use?

In addition to the Bobby Hurt Scholarship, I also received a merit-based scholarship from my school to help make  it more affordable for me. Additionally I received another external scholarship, and a work-study  job that helps with covering  extra expenses.

If you have already  completed your studies, what are you doing now? If

not, once  you complete your studies, what is your plan for the future?

Upon graduating I hope  to go into the finance sector and get a job doing Investment Banking. I think this will be a great way to challenge myself and will prepare me to succeed in the future.

What would you say to current MHS seniors who seek financial aid?

I would say the most important thing is to explore all the options available to you. There are so many resources out there and so many awards available from various organizations. I'd recommend seeking out as many of these as possible and applying to them to ensure you have a chance at receiving them. While some of them may seem small, anything helps and all awards make  a difference. Scholarships continue to be available throughout college, but they are most accessible beforehand, so I would recommend doing your best to find them before starting school.

What do you remember best about being in the town of Montclair

and/or attending Montclair  High School?

The thing I remember best about Montclair High School  was how tight-knit the community was. Everyone looked out for one another and had each other's backs. Nobody wanted to see anyone else fail and we all pushed one another to do our best each and every day. Montclair is an extremely diverse town with people coming from various  backgrounds and situations, but that never stopped anyone from going out of their way to help someone. I'll be forever grateful for growing up in Montclair and attending MHS and being able to experience the diversity and community firsthand.

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