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100% of your donation will go toward MHS student college scholarships

Were you financially prepared for college?

Yes, although I knew I’d have to take out loans.

How did MSF help you prepare for college?

It helped me focus on my studies without having to get a job during the semester just to pay tuition.

In addition to the MSF scholarship, what other types of financial aid or support did you use?

Loans, additional, more minor scholarships, MIT financial aid.

Once you complete your studies, what is your plan for the future?

Work at Facebook for a few years then go into game development.

What would you say to current MHS seniors who seek financial aid?

Pursue what makes you unique, there’s almost guaranteed to be some highly specific scholarship out there that fits who you are.

What do you remember best about being in the town of Montclair and/or attending Montclair High School?

The diversity of both people and activities.

If MSF could improve one thing, what would that be?

Improved turnaround time for scholarship forms, possibly through a digital option.

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