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Stevens Institute of Technology, Class of 2017

Chemical Engineering

Were you financially prepared for college?

I hoped that I would be prepared but I expected otherwise; with an average student loan debt of $30,000 on graduation it seemed like wistful thinking to anticipate anything else.

When you applied to MSF, did you already know what college you were planning to attend?  What was the name of the school?

I wasn’t sure where I was going but I had it narrowed down to two or three choices.

How does the MSF scholarship help you prepare for college?

The MSF scholarship was used towards purchasing books but also helped cut down my tuition.

Why did you want a MSF scholarship?

I really respected the fact that the MSF’s goal was to help the students of Montclair and didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity!

Did you know anything about MSF before you applied for a scholarship?

Most of what I knew about the MSF came from the announcements aired during the mornings in high school. The broadcast said that the MSF was an organization that existed to ease the financial burden of college-bound students from Montclair.

Did finances affect your choice of school or major?

Finances only played a part in college choice as I already knew the field I wanted to enter. It helped me focus my search to a smaller number of possibilities from which I could do more research to make my final decision.

If you could not have afforded college, what other options did you have?

I didn’t really have any other options, which is why I worked so hard during high school; I knew that if I did well a college education would definitely be within my reach.

What is your major?

I am studying to become a chemical engineer.

In addition to the MSF scholarship, what other types of financial aid or support did you use?

Other than the MSF scholarship I have a Presidential scholarship, an institutional grant, a federal grant, a loan, and a work study opportunity.

Once you complete your studies, what is your plan for the future?

I plan to live a long, happy life or die trying.

What would you say to current MHS seniors who seek financial aid?

Apply to all scholarships, both large and small, because every little bit counts! The large awards give out sums that can singlehandedly pay for a large chunk of your tuition but they attract larger audiences, leaving you with a smaller chance of receiving the scholarship. Compared to the large sums the smaller scholarships might seem negligible but they quickly add up, especially since there is less competition.

What do you remember best about being at Montclair High School/Montclair?

The best part about Montclair is definitely the people. The town is so diverse that, no matter what you’re interested in, you’ll always be able to find and make friends that share your interests.

Please describe any volunteer/community service during high school?

My community service during high school consisted entirely of tutoring, mostly because I enjoy teaching. Much of my tutoring was done during the weekends at Glenfield to help kids prepare for the NJASK exam. However, I also visited Mt. Hebron after school to help the algebra and general math students with their work.

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